Mar Gómez is the person behind Kalma y Violeta. She is an enthusiastic furniture and interior designer. She founded the brand in 2012 as a personal project that has grown steadily since then. 

She has lived for many years between Madrid and Amsterdam, and that is why all her creations have a Nordic influence, characterized by straight lines and white color. 

Every piece is handcrafted in her atelier in Madrid, what makes every product a unique object. The recovery of resources and the protection of the environment are two of their basic principles. 

We let us inspire by nature, animals and the simple things of life. Also by the Scandinavian style and the vision conceptualized in the motto ‘less is more’, because we share much with this lifestyle, like the aim to return to a sustainable production and consumption. That is why Kalma y Violeta is specialized in timeless furniture, made of simple lines and neutral colors that adapt to every trend and prevail in time.

We know how important it is that you feel well in your house and in Kalma y Violeta we are dedicated to making lively furniture and objects. Children’s beds, bunk beds, auxiliary tables, and coats racks that help you to create a unique atmosphere in your home. 

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